Mad Skills From China: Lu Cong, Xiao Bai,Kuang Hong

Lu Cong (Traditional )

Lu Cong

Lu Cong painting

There is an eeriness to Lu Cong’s portrait paintings that feels as if you are viewing dead people– emotionally dead people.  A sense of depression and doubt is expressed through muted cold colors, confused expressions, and misty backgrounds of clouds, fields, and distant buildings that seem to swallow the figures up. Detailed oil brush work conveys wrinkles and skin imperfections. Cong’s portraits appear to have slightly enlarged eyes that, along with a muted color pallet, make his work hard to forget.

Lu Cong floating girl painting

Lu Cong woman painting

Lu Cong was born in Shanghai in 1978 and immigrated to the United States in 1989 at the age of eleven.

Zhang Xiao Bai (Digital)

Zhang Xiao Bai

Zhang Xiao Bai

Zhang Xiao Bai

Zhang Xiao Bai

Xiao Bai is a Chinese female artist that is skilled at drawing beautiful women. She often includes tattoos on her women who are drawn in a style mixed of realism and manga (less sharp lines, more detail).  She currently works in Singapore as a female character artist.

Kuang Hong (Noah_KH)   (Digital)



There is a particular melting of lines, form, and color — a gooiness — that defines Chinese born artist Kuang Hong’s work.  He works in Shanghai as an art director and entertainment design artist.  He uses both Painter and Photoshop to create his digital works, which often begin as traditional pencil sketches.

Kuang Hong_manji


One of the reasons why entertainment design artists like Kuang Hong work digital is because of the rapid pace at which a finished illustration or design can be completed. While 30 hours might seem like a lot to anybody who is not a professional artist, it is actually pretty normal for a detailed digital painting. The same painting done with traditional paint could take three times as long because of materials needing to dry and the time consuming application of paint. Painting digital is fast — very fast — painting traditionally is slow, but both require the same fundamentals of art and design to create great work. Do not look down on digital art because digital artists that work in the concept art and entertainment design industry are some of the best artists in the world ( , ), and if they entered the fine art world many people would realize their lack of skill.




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